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Disadvantages Of Buying A Property Valuation Adelaide With A Company

Absence of significant tax advantages for medium wealth

If the future owner of the home has an average wealth, buying a home with a company is not a highly recommended option . In addition to the costs associated with the constitution of the company, it is essential to consider that, in the case of natural persons, we will only be obliged to pay personal income tax when the sale of the Property Valuation Adelaide has led to a capital gain and the tax rate is proportional to the income.

As we have commented previously, in the case of holding companies, they are taxed through Corporation Tax, with a fixed tax rate of 25%.

Higher taxation for habitual residences or second residence :

According to experts in real estate management, buying a home with a company is also not an advantageous option when it comes to the acquisition of our habitual residence or a second residence .

Although there are common taxes for the purchase of a home in both cases, such as VAT or Wikipedia Property Transfer Tax, for individuals this operation does not generate an income in personal income tax, while a company must invoice a market rent to the partner and income is taxed at 25%.

Declaration of dividends :

Although when buying a home with a rental company we can qualify for important deductions if we have more than eight leased properties, it is also important to bear in mind that, from a tax point of view, it is considered that the income from the rents will go to stop the organization, so if the partner does not want to benefit from them, they must be declared as dividends.