What is SEO - search engine optimisation?

SEO - Search engine optimisation or search engine positioning is a collection of various techniques, which lead to improving the position of your website in the list of search engine results. Positioning is an efficient and cheap form of internet advertising.

Key words (phrases) are words and phrases on the entering of which your website appears in the list of search engine results. Internet advertising (the promotion of a website on the internet) focuses on such words and phrases.

What do you need SEO search engine optimisation?

Since internet search engines became the number one tool in the hands of internet users looking for information, the high position on the list of search engine results often determine the success or failure of businesses (not only e-businesses), as it translates directly into profits.

People are naturally lazy â€" or, in other words â€" people like convenience.

They tend to look only at the first 10 to 20 search results (i.e. usually one or two pages). That is why it is so important to have your website positioned among the first in the list of results appearing after entering the most important key words.

This is precisely where our role begins â€" we will ensure that you will have the greatest share in "catching" the traffic of the most popular search engines.

We offer you effective services enabling you to achieve your desired position in search engine results.

We recommend the following tools designed to help you benefit from search results as soon and as efficiently as possible.

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Search Engine Optimisation Perth
SEO offer

Website search engine optimisation offer

Our positioning offer involves complex activities aimed at improving the position of your website in search engine results. All the methods that we use are legal and ensure high effectiveness.

We offer you the following benefits:

  • high positions for the key words you select;
  • increased number of prospects visiting your website;
  • payment only for the results (no hidden or advance payments);
  • confidence that you have selected the right words (thanks to our advice);
  • certainty and guarantee on the services we provide.

All you need to do is to contact us »

All these benefits are within your reach thanks to our services, which include:

  • analysing your current position in search engines;
  • analysing the industry and the activities of the competition;
  • analysing and supporting your optimum key words selection;
  • appropriately modifying and monitoring META tags;
  • manually adding your website to search engines and catalogues;
  • constructing link popularity for your website;
  • optimising your website for internet search engines.

To additionally enhance the results we can:

  • advise you on the website navigation and offer modifications to the navigation solutions and other elements of the website;
  • advise you on the content of your website and provide the content optimisation (the so-called seo copywriting);
  • advise you on ways to increase the popularity of your website and offer some efficient methods of achieving it.

You are only three steps away from the high positioning of your website and the first two steps are free » (see for yourself). The details of step three you will receive from us via email at the address given in your application form ».

We warmly invite you to contact us » and to take advantage of the services we offer.

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Our guarantee

Why our website positioning offer is worth trying?

There are at least 3 good reasons.
In short:

  • specialisation
  • guarantee
  • efficiency

(If you still have not familiarised yourself with our positioning offer do it now).

Our main asset â€" specialisation

We specialise in website positioning â€" we eat, sleep and work constantly thinking about how to provide better positioning for our clients :).

We do not claim that we can do everything but we can assure you that we can promote your website to your desired position in search engine results.

100% guaranteed satisfaction

You only pay for the results: you do not pay a penny until you can see the results you wanted, so there is no risk that you may lose the invested money.

Certain and legal: we only use techniques that are legally approved, which gives you certainty of long-term and sustainable results and frees you from any worries that you might be accused of spamming (and excluded from search results).

Efficiency proved many times

Years of experience gave us the know-how in the field of website promotion and everything it entails. This can be evidenced by a large number of our regular customers who â€" thanks to our services â€" can be proud of occupying the first positions in search engine results.

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Our SEO guarantee
How do we work - SEO

How do we work?

What can you do to attract more internet users to your website and make sure that they are the right ones?

If you want to lift your website to one of the leading positions in the most popular search engines' results...

If you want your website to show up on entering the most common phrases (key words) in your industry...

If you want your website to be visited by thousands of the most interested internet users â€" prospects â€" every day...

...all you need to do is to follow the three steps we recommend:

  • Step 1. Your turn.
  • Step 2. Our turn.
  • Step 3. Results.

Step 1 Your turn (takes 30 to 40 seconds on average)

First, you need to inform us that this is what you want! In order to do so â€" click this link and fill in the application form ».

Remember â€" this step is free!

Step 2 Our turn (about 24 hours for response)

Thanks to the information we receive from you we will be able to analyse the application and prepare an offer for you.

Along with the offer we will provide you with the following:

  • the analysis of your industry and competition;
  • the verification of the key words you have sent to us, from which we will select the best ones or â€" alternatively â€" suggest other, optimum key words;
  • the analysis of your website from the perspective of the optimisation for search engines;
  • the initial consultation.

And it is all for... â€" such a good price that you will not believe it â€" see the Four Zeros Principle ».

Remember â€" it is us who will contact you!

Step 3 Results (about a week for the first visible results)

Let us not waste any more time! We start work immediately as soon as you accept our offer.

We assure you that we will do our best (employing only legal means) to make your website profitable through increasing traffic from search engines.

Depending on the commonness of a given phrase and the level of competition in a given industry, the first effects of our work may be noticed as soon as after one week.

Moreover, we offer a guarantee on our work ».

As you can see, we approach each customer professionally and individually.

We invite you now to click this link and send us your non-committal application ».

See you on the first positions in search engines.

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What is the cost of search engine optimisation?

Four Zeros Principle

You already know that:

  • We provide professional website positioning services.
  • 80 to 90% of our customers occupy the first positions in search engine results.
  • Customers who trusted us once have become our regular customers, because they see the benefits of this cooperation.

This is why our list of prices begins with 4 zeros â€" or the "Four Zeros Principle."

You have already learned about the steps through which we operate and you know that Step One â€" in which you send us your application for analysis â€" is totally free. Step Two involves the following activities on our part:

Work we perform for you after you send the application Size of investment
We analyse your industry and competition. $0 AUD
We verify the key words you have sent us and select the best of them, or suggest something optimum. $0 AUD
We analyse your website searching for areas we could optimise for search engines. $0 AUD
We contact you, present our offer and give you the initial consultation. $0 AUD
TOTAL 4 x $0 AUD = $0 AUD

This Step is also free â€" as you can see from our "four-zero" fees above.

While waiting for the results (Step Three) you also do not pay a penny. You start investing only when your website achieves the position you desired.

The Four Zeros are the only fixed prices we have.

Each positioning is different â€" some projects are easier some more difficult. It all depends on several factors, such as the selected key words, the industry, and the competition.

That is why we only quote the actual price at Step Two, after we have learned about your expectations.

Send us your free application today â€" it is non-committal and it is all you need to do to learn about the cost of your possible investment in positioning.

See you on the first positions in search engines.

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What is the cost of search engine optimisation?